Friday, May 13, 2011

Using Momoyo Trims in Layouts

When the ladies at Momoyo sent me this latest batch of trims and sticker laces, I couldn't help but to use them in a girly layout. I was quite bored the other day and was playing around with Izzie.  I started then to use rollers on her hair at her ears.  She didn't even flinch and just let me carry on what I was doing.  Took some photos of her and she looked so hilarious.  The looks she gave me when I was taking her photos was just of absolute boredom and she was looking at me saying,"Set Me Free."

Here is a layout using some of my older Hambly stash and some newer Dear Lizzy paper.  :)

Doesn't she look cute with rollers?I know I am an evil mummy.  

 Do check out the ribbons and trims on the tag.  Makes the tag look more interesting doesn't it?

I love all the trims and sticker laces that I have added.  Give the layout a girlish kind of look.  :)

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