Thursday, May 26, 2011

Using Momoyo Trims

Have you checked out our latest sticky adhesive Momoyo trims and ribbons?  They are so easy to use.  All you have to do is to peel them off and start sticking them in your creative work.  No messy glue,  no fiddling - just stick them on.  I have used 2 of them here in my layout.  I love how they adhere straight onto the layout without any fess.

See how the white trim enhances the flowers and colours in the layout.

Finally I added a a dash of blue and white to finish the layout. Hope you will try them soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You are so beautiful

This is another of simple layout that I did for my friend's baby girl.  She has yet to give me her baby's photos and hence I added a photo in place till I get it.  I found this old Hambly transparency which I bought ages ago and glad I finally used it.

I love all the fresh colours here - the limes and pink.

Check out the latest Momoyo bling hear stickers.  So easy and cheap to bling nowadays with them.  Available at Popular,  Times,  Jaya Jusco,  MPH and selected stores.  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Using Momoyo Trims in Layouts

When the ladies at Momoyo sent me this latest batch of trims and sticker laces, I couldn't help but to use them in a girly layout. I was quite bored the other day and was playing around with Izzie.  I started then to use rollers on her hair at her ears.  She didn't even flinch and just let me carry on what I was doing.  Took some photos of her and she looked so hilarious.  The looks she gave me when I was taking her photos was just of absolute boredom and she was looking at me saying,"Set Me Free."

Here is a layout using some of my older Hambly stash and some newer Dear Lizzy paper.  :)

Doesn't she look cute with rollers?I know I am an evil mummy.  

 Do check out the ribbons and trims on the tag.  Makes the tag look more interesting doesn't it?

I love all the trims and sticker laces that I have added.  Give the layout a girlish kind of look.  :)